Azerbaijan Business Visa

Today Azerbaijan has good diplomatic relations with many countries and is a hub for business meetings. It is easy to obtain an Azerbaijan business visa if you want to enter the country for conferences, trade fairs, expeditions, technology, education, science, and other formal needs.

Requirements for the Azerbaijan Business Visa

Before you apply for the Azerbaijan business visa, it is important to have an idea about the necessary documents needed. The e-Visa processing can be done fully online and you will need the following:

  • A valid passport – To apply for an Azerbaijan visa, your passport should be valid for at least three months from the date of expiry of your e-Visa. You will be required to scan the biographical on your passport and upload it. You should also make sure that there are a minimum of two blank pages on your passport. 
  • Photograph – You will need two colored photographs that are 3.5 X 4.5 cm. The photo should have a light background. 
  • Application form – For a business visa you will need to download the application form from the official website. Fill out the application form, print and sign it. 
  • Email address – You will need to provide a valid email address where you can obtain your e-Visa. 
  • Credit or debit card – In order to successfully complete your application for the Azerbaijan business visa online, you will need a valid credit or debit card. The card need not be in your name. 

Business Visa Options

The Azerbaijan business visa is valid for a total of 90 days. However, once you enter the country you will have to exit within 30 days. Depending on the time period you have two options for the business visa. 

  • Standard Visa- The Standard Visa can be obtained within three business days. Before you apply for the Azerbaijan business visa online, make sure that you have at least three business days in hand before the date that you want to enter the country. 
  • Urgent Visa- If you require a business visa soon you can apply for the Urgent Visa. Once you submit your application you will receive the visa within three hours.

Azerbaijan Business Visa Cost

The basic cost for the Azerbaijan business visa is $25 for the Standard Visa and $65 for the Urgent Visa. The basic fee is non-refundable as it is charged for reviewing your application. Unless you complete the payment for your e-Visa you will not be granted your visa. 

There is also a service fee associated with the Azerbaijan e-Visa. As you go ahead with filling up your e-Visa application form you will get an idea of the final cost that you will have to pay.

Information About Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has a friendly and hospitable environment for all those who want to conduct business operations and events in the country. 

There are plenty of business opportunities and Baku, the capital, is the center of business. Business hours are Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 5 pm, or between 10 am and 6 pm. You will find a few government offices open on Saturday too. 

Azerbaijani or Azeri is the official language spoken for all business dealings. Russian is also spoken widely and English is increasingly being used these days. If you do not know Azeri or Russian, consider hiring an interpreter. If you gave a business card, it is best to have the information written in Azeri or Russian on one side and in English on the other. 

Business attire is formal and men and women dress in conservative Western style. Businessmen and businesswomen greet each other with a handshake. However, courtesy implies that the businesswoman should extend her hand first. 

You will find it easier to conduct business meetings if you are on good terms with the locals and aim to build good relations with business colleagues.