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Get ahead by acquainting yourself with the essential e-visa requirements tailored for Colombian citizens, ensuring a seamless travel to Azerbaijan. Delve into the specifics of the Azerbaijan visa process and other vital details right now!

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There’s no doubt that Colombia is an aesthetic heaven that offers stunning scenery. But, sometimes you need a change of air. And what better country to visit than Azerbaijan? People call it the land of fire. Sounds intriguing and pretty amazing, right? 

Wondering how you can visit the land of fire? It’s pretty easy. All you need to do is fill out an online application form on the Azerbaijan e-visa portal and you’ll receive the visa in a jiffy. Let’s learn more about how to get an Azerbaijan Visa from Colombia.

What is the Azerbaijan Visa for Colombia?

An Azerbaijan visa is like an official permit that lets you step foot into the land of fire legally. Of course, you need to specify the purpose and duration of your visit beforehand. 

Thanks to this e-visa option, you won’t have to stand in any queue. Simply fill out a form and receive the visa in your email. Oh, and by the way, the application form doesn’t take long. So, it’s a plus!

Azerbaijan visa requirements for Colombian citizens

What Are the Azerbaijan Visa Requirements for Colombian Citizens?

  1. Passport: Your Colombian passport needs to be valid for at least three months beyond your planned departure from Azerbaijan. Ensure it has a few blank pages for those coveted entry and exit stamps.
  2. Accurate Details: An online application form awaits, where you’ll provide your personal information, travel details, and the purpose of your visit (also the address of your stay in Azerbaijan). Be thorough – any inconsistencies could delay your Azerbaijani adventure.
  3. Digital Proof: Prepare a digital copy of your passport’s main page. A recent passport-sized photograph is also required, so get your best travel-ready smile on!
  4. Financial Power: You’ll need a credit or debit card to pay the visa fee online.

What Is The Step-By-Step Application Process To Acquire An Azerbaijan Visa For Colombian Citizens?

  1. Head to our E-Visa Portal: This is your gateway to Azerbaijani visa freedom! Visit our portal and select Colombia as your nationality.
  2. Complete the application form: The application form is user-friendly, but double-check those dates and details before submitting. Remember, accuracy is key to a smooth visa journey.
  3. Attach Your Required Docs: The required documents might differ slightly depending on the visa type you choose (tourist, business, etc.), but a digital copy of your passport’s main page and a recent photograph are always mandatory.
  4. Visa Fee: Choose your processing speed (standard, urgent or super fast) and pay the corresponding fee using your trusty credit/debit card or PayPal account.
  5. Submission and Patience: Once everything’s in order, submit your application and wait for their email update. It’s that easy! If all goes well, you’ll receive your visa via email within the chosen timeframe.

Azerbaijan E-visa Options – Standard and Urgent/Super Fast Visa 

  • The Standard Visa: This budget-friendly option is perfect for the laid-back traveler. With a processing time of 3-5 working days, it gives you ample time to plan your Azerbaijani escape. 

The standard visa allows you to stay for a cool 30 days, with a validity period of 90 days from the date of issuance. This gives you plenty of time to explore the wonders of Azerbaijan, from the fire temples to the Silk Road bazaars, and of course, to devour some delicious Dolyappa (a local rice dish).

  • The Urgent/Super Fast Visa: This option caters to the spontaneous traveler who needs their visa ASAP. For a slightly higher fee, the urgent visa gets your application approved in a lightning-fast 24 hours, a super fast visa process will take 3-5 hours

Perfect for those last-minute trips or if you’ve just discovered the beauty of Azerbaijan and need to be there right away. The stay duration and validity period remain the same as the standard visa (30 days stay, 90 days validity).

There will be an additional service fee that will depend on the processing time of your application.

What are the Various Types of Azerbaijan Visa for Colombian Citizens? 

Business Visa

This one’s for the Colombian entrepreneurs out there. If you’re jetting off to Azerbaijan to wheel and deal, secure new markets, or attend conferences, then the business visa is your golden ticket. It allows you multiple entries within a year, giving you the flexibility to make those business connections happen.

Tourist Visa

The visa for your classic vacation pics and “living my best life” Instagram stories. It’s the most popular option, and the e-visa makes it super convenient to visit Azerbaijan. This visa lets you in once for a max of 30 days within a 90-day window.

Student Visa

If universities or any academic program in Azerbaijan attracts you, then the student visa unlocks the doors to those institutions. This visa calls for a letter of admission from the desired institution in Azerbaijan, proof of financial means to support your time in the country, and in some cases, a certificate of health.

Science Visa

Maybe, you are a talented Colombian scientist working shoulder to shoulder with Azerbaijani scientists on the most extraordinary scientific project? Maybe you are gearing up to attend a scientific conference in Baku that holds the key to changing the world? The science visa lets you use the opportunity and work for great knowledge to be shared and develop something significant. Regarding the time for processing, it depends on certain factors but usually takes the standard time for processing.

Sports Visa

If you are a sportsman and want to participate in an international sporting event in Azerbaijan or a football enthusiast who possesses a style of coaching that could instill the spirit of success in budding Azerbaijani players. This visa is for you. 

It is well suitable for a single entry and for a certain period of time if it is an event or even if you have engaged the services of a life coach.

Cultural Visa

If you are a passionate Colombian artist, performing at a rhythmic music festival, think of the city of Baku. Perhaps you are a filmmaker, inspired to travel to the scenic Sheki, the Silk Road city, eager to record its natural splendor. ‘Culture visa’ is the key to life in Azerbaijan. It is acceptable for one shot at a time only. 

Azerbaijan e-visa requirements for Colombian traveler

What is the Azerbaijan Visa Fee for Colombian Citizens?

The Azerbaijani government strives for transparency in the visa application process. Here’s a breakdown of the fees for Colombian citizens:

  • Standard Visa: A budget-friendly $26, making Azerbaijan an affordable travel destination.
  • Urgent/Super Fast Visa: For those who need their visa fast, the urgent option is priced at $61.


What to do If You’ve Made a Mistake in Your Application Form?

We’ve all been there. While contacting the Azerbaijani E-Visa Portal might be an option, chances are they’ll recommend you reapply. Double-checking your details before submission is crucial!

Applying for a Visa to Azerbaijan for Family or Friends: How is it Done?

Each family member traveling will need to apply for their own visa. The application process remains the same for everyone (at the end of completing your application, you will be prompted to complete a family member, friend, or other member’s application).

After Submitting My Application, What Follows?

The Azerbaijani e-visa system is known for its efficiency. You’ll receive updates on your application status via email, so keep an eye on your inbox!

Is a Transit Visa Required for Layovers in Azerbaijan?

Generally, if your layover in Azerbaijan is less than 24 hours and you’re staying airside at the airport, you won’t need a transit visa. However, it’s always a good idea to confirm with your airline or check the latest Azerbaijani visa information for any updates.

Final Words

With this comprehensive guide, obtaining your Azerbaijani visa from Colombia should be a breeze. Remember, ensure your passport is valid, gather the required documents, and choose the e-visa option that suits your travel style and budget. For any further assistance or if you prefer professional guidance, feel free to reach out to us at

If it is all clear, start your application now here – we’ll help you to get e-visa without any problem! 

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