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Get ahead by acquainting yourself with the essential e-visa requirements tailored for Danish citizens, ensuring a seamless travel to Azerbaijan. Delve into the specifics of the Azerbaijan visa process and other vital details right now!

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A trip to Azerbaijan is no less than a dream. This mesmerizing country is nestled along the legendary Silk Road and is known for its amazing blend of ancient wonders including mosques, monuments, culture, tradition, and of course – skyscrapers. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the bubbling mud volcanoes, roam in marketplaces, and even visit huge castles!

The best part for Danish adventurers? Getting there is a breeze. All you need is an Azerbaijan e-visa, which you can conveniently apply for online in a flash.

This comprehensive guide will be your trusty companion and help you obtain an Azerbaijan visa from Denmark.

What is the Azerbaijan eVisa For Denmark?

An Azerbaijan e-visa is basically an electronic authorization. It allows Danish passport holders to enter Azerbaijan for various reasons, including tourism, business trips, and more. This streamlined system eliminates the need for paper applications and embassy visits, making the entire process incredibly convenient.

The beauty of the e-visa system is its speed. While you’ll need to gather some documents, the online application itself only takes a moment to complete.

Azerbaijan evisa requirements for Danish traveler

What are the Requirements To Get an Azerbaijan eVisa From Denmark?

  1. Valid Danish Passport: Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months after you get out of Azerbaijan, and that it has at least one blank page for those official stamps. You don’t want them slamming the door in your face because your passport’s about to expire, right?
  2. Passport Scan: They’ll also want a scan of the info page in your passport, the one with your face. Make sure it’s a clear digital copy, so they can see everything nicely and easily.
  3. Recent Digital Photo: Click a digital photo Another thing on the checklist is a recent digital photo. Don’t worry, they’ll give you the specifics on size and format.
  4. Proof of Accommodation: Write down the info of the place where you’ll be staying! You can add a copy of your hotel reservation or any other confirmed accommodation booking will do the trick. This shows them you’re not planning on sleeping under a park bench. 
  5. Round-Trip Flight Ticket: Last but not least, they’ll want a copy of your round-trip flight tickets. This shows them you’re not planning on becoming a permanent resident and overstaying your welcome.

What Are the Steps to Apply For Getting an Azerbaijan Visa for the Citizens of Denmark?

  1.  Select Your Country and Visa Type: 

Visit the Azerbaijan e-visa website and choose Denmark as your country and pick your visa type (probably “Tourism” or “Business” depending on your reason for visiting). The online application is pretty straightforward. You’ll fill in your personal details, passport info, and travel dates, and upload that scanned passport copy.

  1.  Filling Out the Online Application: 

The online application is pretty straightforward. You’ll fill in your personal details, passport info, travel dates, and upload that scanned passport copy.

  1.  Choosing Your Processing Speed And Pay the Fee: 

Here’s the cool part: you get to choose how fast you want your visa processed! The website offers different speeds, each with a price tag. Pick the one that fits your schedule. Once you’ve chosen your processing speed, pay the visa fee using a debit or credit card.

  1.  Review and Submit: 

Before you hit submit, double-check everything you entered and uploaded. Make sure it’s all in tip-top shape. Then, with a confident click, submit your application electronically. 

  1.  Track and Receive Your E-visa: 

Now comes the waiting game! The website will give you a reference number so you can track your application online. Once it’s approved, your eVisa will be emailed to you in PDF format. Easy as that!

The website will provide you with an application reference number. Use this number to track the status of your application online. Once approved, your e-visa will be sent to your registered email address in PDF format.

What is the Azerbaijan Visa Fee For Denmark?

The Azerbaijan government fee itself is pretty reasonable. We’re talking just $26 for standard processing. That’s a steal!  If you’re not in a rush, the standard processing time is perfectly fine and keeps the cost low. 

But if you’re a last-minute planner and need that visa ASAP, you’ll be looking at a $61 urgent/super fast processing fee. So, the price depends on your schedule.

There will be an additional service fee that will depend on the processing time of your application.

Choose From the Three eVisa Options: Standard, Urgent, and Super Fast E-Visa

  • Option one – The Standard E-visa. This takes about 3-5 business days to process, perfect if you’ve got some wiggle room in your travel plans.
  • Option two and three – The Urgent/Superfast E-visa. Need to get your Caspian Sea tan on like, ASAP? This is your best bet. It’s a bit pricier (the government fee jumps to $61) but gets you that visa super quick. We’re talking just 24 hours for Urgent and  3-5 hours for Super Fast.

What are the Types of Azerbaijan Visa For Denmark?

  1. Tourist Visa: Ideal for sightseeing, cultural immersion, and leisure travel. The e-visa falls under this category and permits a single entry with a maximum stay of 30 days.
  2. Business Visa: Required for business activities such as attending conferences, meetings, or negotiating contracts.
  3. Work Visa: Essential for those seeking employment in Azerbaijan.
  4. Student Visa: For individuals enrolling in academic programs at Azerbaijani institutions.
  5. Medical Visa: Needed for those seeking medical treatment in Azerbaijan.
  6. Science Visa: Consider yourself a science whiz or researcher wanting to collaborate with Azerbaijani counterparts? This visa lets you enter for scientific research purposes. You’ll just need an invitation from a relevant Azerbaijani scientific institution.
  7. Sports Visa: Athletes and sports fanatics, this one’s for you! Participating in a sporting event or competition in Azerbaijan? A sports visa is your entry permit. Just get an official invite from the event organizers or the Azerbaijani sports federation.
  8. Culture Visa: This visa caters to those participating in cultural events, exhibitions, or exchange programs. An invitation from the relevant cultural organization in Azerbaijan is usually required.

Azerbaijan e visa requirements for Danish citizens


What to do If You’ve Made a Mistake in Your Application Form?

With a regular visa application, that might mean starting all over again. With the Azerbaijan e-visa system, there’s no going back and editing your application once it’s submitted. Therefore, you’ll need to start fresh and pay the processing fee again.

Applying for a Visa to Azerbaijan for Family or Friends: How is it Done?

Azerbaijan plays by the rules, and each traveler, regardless of whether they’re family or a friend, needs to submit their own individual e-visa application.

After Submitting My Application, What Follows?

After submitting your application, you’ll need to wait for processing. Processing times depend on whether you opted for the standard or urgent/super fast processing option. 

Is It Safe to Get My E-Visa for Azerbaijan Via

Absolutely! We provide a secure and reliable service.

Is a Transit Visa Required for Layovers in Azerbaijan?

If you have a layover in Azerbaijan that’s less than 24 hours and you won’t be leaving the airport transit area, you generally won’t need a transit visa. However, it’s always best to double-check with your airline or the nearest Azerbaijani embassy/consulate to confirm the specific requirements for your situation.

What Steps Should I Take if I Possess Two Passports?

What if you hold two passports? No problem! You can apply for the e-Visa using the one you intend to travel with.

Final Words

With these steps, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining your Azerbaijan e-visa from Denmark like a pro. But hey, unexpected questions can pop up. If you encounter something we haven’t covered here, don’t worry! The experts at are always happy to help.

Fire away with your questions and we`ll get you sorted. Or you can fill the application right now and get your visa with us!

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