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Get ahead by acquainting yourself with the essential e-visa requirements tailored for Maldivian citizens, ensuring a seamless travel to Azerbaijan. Delve into the specifics of the Azerbaijan visa process and other vital details right now!

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Are you thinking about traveling to Azerbaijan but unsure how to begin the visa process? This comprehensive guide is here to help!

Discover all the essential information about obtaining an Azerbaijan e-visa for Maldives citizens. From the various types of visas available to a step-by-step application guide, we’ve got you covered to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Whether you’re planning well in advance or need a visa at the last minute, continue reading to streamline your travel preparations.

What are the Eligibility Requirements to Get an Azerbaijan Visa for Maldives Citizens?

To obtain an Azerbaijan visa as a Maldivian citizen, you must meet several requirements. Here’s what you need:

  1. Digital Copy of Your Passport: Ensure you have a digital copy of your passport and biographical page. This is necessary for the application process.
  2. Verified Email Address: Your Azerbaijan e-Visa will be sent to a verified email address. Make sure your email is active and accessible.
  3. Legitimate Azerbaijan Address: Provide a valid address in Azerbaijan where you intend to stay. This information is crucial for the visa application.
  4. Online Payment Method: You need an online method of payment to complete the application fee.

Azerbaijan visa for Maldivian citizen

Important Tips

  • Apply Early: It is recommended to apply for your visa at least three days before your intended travel date. This ensures ample time for processing.
  • Print and Sign: After receiving your e-Visa, download and print the form. Don’t forget to sign the printed copy, as you will need to present it to border officials upon arrival.
  • Bulk Application Option: If you are traveling with family or a group, you can apply for multiple visas at once. This bulk application process simplifies things, allowing one person to manage the visas for everyone.

Following these guidelines will ensure a smooth and efficient application process for your Azerbaijan visa.

What are the E-Visa Options for Maldives Citizens Traveling to Azerbaijan?

When applying for an Azerbaijan e-visa from Maldives, you get a couple of options to choose from, depending on your travel timeline and budget. Here are the available processing options:

Urgent and Super Fast E-Visa for Azerbaijan

If you need your visa in a hurry, the urgent e-visa is the best choice. Typically approved within 24 hours, this option is ideal for those planning a last-minute trip or needing to travel on short notice.

For even quicker processing, you can opt for the super fast e-visa, which is processed within 3 to 5 hours. This ensures you receive your visa promptly, allowing for swift and efficient travel preparation.

Standard E-Visa for Azerbaijan

For those who have more time before their departure, the standard e-visa is a suitable option. The processing time for a standard e-visa is usually between 3 to 5 working days.

This option is perfect for travelers who can afford to wait a few days for their visa approval and prefer a more economical choice.

Choose the option that fits your travel and budget preferences.

What Types Of E-Visas Are Available for Maldives Travelers to Azerbaijan?

When applying for an Azerbaijan e visa for Maldives residents, it’s crucial to select the right type based on your travel purpose.

Here are the most common visa types available for Maldivian citizens:


Azerbaijan offers tourist visas for leisure activities such as visiting relatives, exploring the country, and enjoying holidays. This single-entry visa permits a stay of up to 30 days within a 90-day period.

Business Trip

If you’re looking to establish business relations or cooperate with Azerbaijani entities, a business visa is the right choice. This visa is granted based on an application submitted to Azerbaijani authorities.

Other Common Visa Types

  • Science: For attending scientific conferences, research activities, or academic collaborations.
  • Education: For students enrolled in educational institutions in Azerbaijan.
  • Labor: For those seeking employment or work opportunities in Azerbaijan.
  • Humanitarian Visa: For participation in humanitarian aid activities.
  • Cultural Visa: For cultural exchanges, events, and activities.
  • Transit Visa: For travelers passing through Azerbaijan en route to another destination.
  • Sports: For athletes and sports professionals participating in events or training.
  • Medical Treatment: For individuals seeking medical care or treatment in Azerbaijan.
  • Personal Trip: For personal visits not covered by other visa categories.
  • Official Trip: For government officials or individuals on official duty.

Each visa type comes with its own validity period and specific requirements, so it’s essential to spend time researching them first. Once you have understood the intricacies of relevant categories, choose the appropriate type based on your travel needs and intentions.

Azerbaijan evisa for Maldivian traveler

How to Apply for an Azerbaijan Visa From Maldives?

Applying for an Azerbaijan e-Visa as a Maldivian citizen is a quick and simple process that only takes a few minutes. Here’s a detailed guide that walks you through the entire application process:

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Access the e-Visa Portal: The first step is obvious. Visit the official Azerbaijan e-Visa website and start a new visa application by selecting your nationality and travel document type, then click ‘continue’ to move forward.
  2. Enter Travel Information: Indicate your purpose of visit, choose between a Standard, Urgent, or Super Fast visa, and select the start date for your e-visa. The Azerbaijan e visa Maldives cost will be shown in a green block at the bottom of the page.
  3. Complete the Application Form: You will need to provide the following details:
    • Full Name and Date of Birth;
    • Country & Place of Birth;
    • Gender;
    • Profession;
    • Contact Numbers (phone and mobile);
    • Permanent Residential Address;
    • Current Email Address;
    • Passport Number with issue and expiry dates;
    • Address in Azerbaijan (where you will be staying).
  4. Upload Necessary Documents: You will also be asked to upload a scanned copy of your passport page containing your name, photo, and other relevant details. Make sure all the information is accurate to prevent any processing delays.
  5. Verify and Pay: Verify your email address. After that, review all your application details carefully, and proceed to pay the visa fee using a secure online payment method.
  6. Submit Your Application: Submit your application. The Azerbaijan authorities will process it based on the type of visa you selected (Standard, Urgent, or Super Fast). You will receive email notifications regarding the status of your visa.

If you follow these simple steps, you can easily apply and obtain your Azerbaijan visa for Maldives.

How Much Is the Price of a Visa from the Maldives to Azerbaijan?

The cost of an Azerbaijan e-visa is standardized, which means countries of all citizens pay the exact same fees.

The urgent and super fast e-visa, processed within a few hours, costs $61 (government fee). The standard e-visa, which takes about 3 to 5 working days, costs $26 (government fee).

Additionally, there may be an extra service fee based on the processing time you choose, covering administrative costs to ensure your application is handled efficiently.

Bottom Line

That’s everything you need to know to apply for your Azerbaijan visa from the Maldives. If you still have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. To get a visa easily you can fill out the online form on the website and we’ll be happy to help you directly.

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🇮🇹 Italy🇱🇰 Sri Lanka🇪🇸 Spain
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